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Storage and Handling of Sugared Flowers

Crystallised Flowers are easy to store and are non-perishable for up to six months when stored properly. 

  1. Keep flowers in postage boxes or air-tight containers, free of moisture, at room temperature & out of direct sunlight. 

  2. Crystallised Flowers may be placed on pastry and food surfaces 24-48 hours prior to consumption (this includes refrigeration and freezing). If your pastry creation requires refrigeration prior to the event, store pastries uncovered.  Icing such as butter cream/royal can be decorated in advance, wet icing such as fresh cream/mascarpone should be done near to serving

  3. Do not seal in containers or cover with plastic wrap.  

  4. Storing them in closed containers will cause the flowers to absorb moisture from the pastries. 

  5. A small drop of icing can be used to attach flowers to pastry surfaces. 

Ingredients List

Crystallised Flowers: Edible Flower, Pasturised Egg White, Sugar

Edible Flower Lollipop: Edible Flower, Sugar, Glucose, Natural Flavour, Natural Colour

Allergen information

Our Edible Flower Lollipops have no allergens are in the list of ingredients 

Our Crystallised Edible Flowers contain: Egg white 

We cannot guarantee that any of our products have been produced in an Allergen free environment.