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Our Flowers

´╗┐All the flowers we use are grown on the farm without the use of pesticides.  Many are grown in our polytunnels providing us with the quantity and consistency we require.  We also grow them out in the open such as the apple blossom, cherry blossom, violets and wild roses.  All the flowers are processed within hours of picking to ensure peak condition.  We hand paint each flower being crystallised using a pasteurised dried egg white and caster sugar to preserve them in. 

The flowers are then dried in controlled conditions at a constant temperature before packaging in readiness for sale.  Producing the final crystallised flower or lollipop is a labour of love, but we think it is worth it.  With our flowers you can see each petal and detail preserved by hand, individually to keep their natural perfection.

Because we use real flowers, each one is unique and individual. Whilst we try to provide as much uniformity on shape, pattern and colour we cannot guarantee this - however we can guarantee that your design will be 100% unique and special.

Our flowers have been tested with the Food Laboratory Wales and passed to say they don't harbour any nasties´╗┐.

People often ask if they can buy flowers from florists or garden centres to crystallise.  The answer is a definite NO.  Unless you have grown them or know they are from an organic source, DO NOT eat them.  Horticultural growers do not use pesticides approved for human consumption (they don't need to as they don't expect people to eat the flowers!).